Praise for The Marble Army
"The Marble Army: A Timely Story about the Personal Costs Incurred while Pursuing Justice... The story never shies from the emotional moments that matter involving Luca’s journey, even if they are uncomfortable or morally questionable." Brad Windhauser - Five Writers
"Who are the Southern Authors of the New Millennium?
Cultivating new voices also requires broadening the definition of Southern writing... The Marble Army, is set her native Brazil, but the family conflict, the rebellion, and the stirring pampas setting give it the appeal of a Southern tale...
The heartrending intrigue spans any cultural gap and links this Latin American historical thriller with the South."
SFK Press
"There is much honest ambiguity in The Marble Army: what is heroic and what is foolhardy, and what is the cost of defiance?...this novel presents an honest confrontation between hope and the excesses of power, and a refusal to succumb to despair."
Patricia Boomsma - New Orleans Review
"Each country holds its own secrets, and Gisele Firmino reveals some of Brazil’s worst moments through this realistic fiction novel. The Marble Army is a brilliant debut novel that exposes the many forms of displacement associated with military upheaval. It is well worth the read."
Mindy Hardings - The Heavy Feather Review
 "Gisele Firmino’s charming new novel, The Marble Army, turns that cliche on its head, ignoring the dictators who oppressed the people of Brazil in the 1960s and focusing on the family that is left behind when a teenage boy is “disappeared” for his small protests against the military regime...This is a book of great, inchoate yearning...It is also a marvelously realistic and effective book of details." 
Vickie Fang - Best New Fiction
"Gisele Firmino's The Marble Army is at once haunting, beautiful, and heartbreaking. It is an important narrative of recent history that exposes the human complexities of the oppressed & silenced, and it challenges any idea that politics don't affect each and every one of us, in ways both gutting and mundane. It also reveals a time & experience that many of today's Americans are ignorant of, and I, for one, am grateful to Firmino for opening not only my eyes but my heart to this important part of history, as relevant now as it was during the time of this regime.
As well as being a striking new novel, The Marble Army gifts us with an important new voice. The Marble Army is intricately woven and densely packed. Guttingly human in its characters' failures, regrets, foibles, and vulnerabilities, this novel is one that has really taken hold of me."
Finch Alder Hogue - Vintage Books
New Writing Online
"The Marble Army" (an essay)
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"I don’t think we can isolate identity from place, and we’re probably most aware of this when we are removed from home. I guess we all look to the mythic/spiritual to situate (place) ourselves..." - GF

Found in Translation - Debut Feature Post - Abigail R. Shaffer

“Luca was the first character I’ve ever written that felt real to me . . .” - GF
Looking for Meaning - Ellen Birkett Morris - Authorlink